I love my new lashes!  It is so nice to get up every morning and not have to worry about applying mascara! My lashes look and feel very natural!  I love them!

Kelly is awesome and goes about and beyond to make sure I am happy with my application.

                                                                                              Lauri Craver
My first experience with lash enhancement has been nothing short of amazing. I have naturally light tipped lashes and mascara is a must for me. The application process took a little bit of time for the full set, but worth every minute my eyes were closed. I was not skeptical but sincerely blown away by the impact the new lashes made on the entire look of my face. I don't have to wear mascara anymore. Honestly, the lashes draw so much attention to my green eyes, I rarely wear face make-up anymore. My lashes have lasted beautifully for 3 weeks and are starting to finally fall out with my natural lashes. I have received more compliments in the past 3 weeks, and who doesn't love compliments! 
When asked "If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one thing..." my answer was always MASCARA. Now it's sunblock :) 

Tiffany D. 
Hagerstown, MD